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Typical Applications

AFLAS® based seals are widely used throughout many industries: oil and gas, food processing, nuclear power generation and other thermal power, chemical processing, automotive, heavy-duty diesel engines, electronics, machinery, fluid controls, steam generation and control, in addition to other industries working with high temperatures and/or aggressive chemicals.

Aflas is successfully applied in orings, flexible joints, hose, valve seals, and many other applications including:


Aflas has excellent heat resistance and chemical resistance. Aflas is utilized in chemical plants, downhole applications, food processing, etc.

Aflas packing


Aflas has excellent resistance against motor oils as well as coolants, including the organic acid technology (OAT) coolants.

Aflas gasket

Wire & Cable

Aflas dipolymer has excellent electrical properties suitable for insulation jacketing of cables.

cable jacketing

Shaft Seals

Aflas has excellent chemical resistance against additives in motor oils, for example, dispersants, oxidation inhibitors, abrasion inhibitors, etc.

Aflas shaft seals

Packer Elements, V-rings, O-rings

Aflas, when properly compounded, possesses excellent mechanical properties and chemical resistance for many different in hot and chemically aggressive environments.

Custom molded seals

Don't just ask for AFLAS® seals and packings! Ask for Seals Eastern's proprietary 7182TM brand of molded AFLAS® products. Seals Eastern's 7182TM brand of formulated AFLAS polymers have set industry standards.

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